| The 2012 sustainability science best paper awards

The 2012 sustainability science best paper awards

Our paper “Transdisciplinary research in sustainability science: practice, principles, and challenges”  is selected as the Honourable mention in the 2012 Sustainability Science Best Paper Awards.

Such awards are held for the first time to recognize the contributions of researchers that further enhance the understanding of sustainability science and demonstrate high standards of scientific quality. The paper has been selected considering the reviewer impression scores, number of downloads and citations, and number of nominations by editorial advisors. Following a multistage selection process among total 26 eligible papers in 2012, the highest scoring papers were presented to the selection committee to select the three winning papers. And the selection committee opinion on this article is: “…important in attracting the attention of other authors, and initiating discussion around important sustainability science topics.”

Please see the Author Award-Announcement of the 2012 author award here, which is published in July issue of Sustainability Science Journal, as well as the Honourable mention.

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